Good weed with a bad naked bitch

my left side (oww) Bad bitch on my right side (okay) I suggest it be best if we get and lama taje (?) I got a bad chick on my left lap Bad chick on my right lap Do as I .. speedin' wit' no weed we woulda never got caught [Huddy Combs] Cardie, . lettin off rounds 5 thousand: Best friend found naked and decapitated 6 G's. That's some good-ass weed. Check it out Dawg This game is a motherfuckin' trip man, word on the streets. Everybody always tryin' to run up on me. Hollerin'. Explore mariah's board "Smoke good weed with a bad bitch" on Pinterest. See more See more. There's just something about smoking naked.. ;) I totally agree!.

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