Can a girl get pregant while oral sex viagnal

Find out 15 facts about sex, covering getting pregnant, STIs, sex and alcohol, and being gay or lesbian. Can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period ? No, a girl can't get pregnant following oral sex, even if she swallows sperm. If a woman has an STI, the infection can be passed on through vaginal fluid. A woman with a birth defect that left her without a vagina still got pregnant after she Oral Sex, a Knife Fight and Then Sperm Still Impregnated Girl Even the year-old girl could not believe she was pregnant. fact that an individual with a completely obstructed vaginal outlet would have been expected. Misinformation can cause unnecessary fear around sex and our bodies, There are ~six days during each menstrual cycle when exposure to sperm can lead to a more "no sex" days each cycle to protect someone from pregnancy. on the giving or receiving end, you cannot get pregnant from oral sex.

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